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ASMI is collaborating with the Ministry of Manpower on the Marine Manpower Connect Scheme, a six-month job matching programme for the marine and offshore industry. Click here to find out more about the scheme. 




*Last Updated on April 2022

April 2022                       
27 Revised Guiding Principles and Latest Advisory by EDB on the Cessation of
                                                  Mandatory Precautionary Measures for the Singapore Marine & Offshore Sector


March 2022                     
15 Updated Marine & Offshore Sector Specific Safe Management Measures (SMM)
                                                   effective 15 March 2022


February 2022               
20 Government Advisories on the Cessation of Mandatory RRT for Fully Vaccinated                                                          Workers Residing in Dormitories and Updates on MPM for the Marine Sector

January 2022                 
27 Updated Marine & Offshore Safe Management Measures 

17 Joint Circular on Exemption of Rostered Routine Testing for Fully Vaccinated
                                                   COVID-19 Recovered Workers


December 2021           
   31 EDB Updates on the Lifting of Not-To-Land (NTL) Status of 10 African Countries

24 Advisory on Enhanced Test Regime for Arriving Not-To-Land Crew Conducting
                                                  Contact Operations at EDB Managed Shipyards/Process Terminals

16 Enhanced Measures For Border Facing Workers On Madatory FET-RRT

07 MOM Updated Vaccination Policies and Indigestion of Overseas Vaccination
                                                   Records for Migrant Workers


                                         06 [Updated] Joint Advisory by Government on the Deferment of RRT Exemption for
                                                   Fully Vaccinated COVID-19 Recovered Workers


November 2021           
   29 EDB Updates on Border Measures for Ships Arriving From or Transitioning
                                                   Throughout 7 African Countries from 27 Nov 1159pm Onwards

25 Joint Advisory by Government on Updated Testing Regime for Fully Vaccinated                                                             COVID-19 Recovered Workers

15 Open Call for ASMI Bubble Wrap Programme: "Tightened End-to-End Process to
                                                  Bring in Migrant Workers from India and Bangladesh

05  EDB Updates on the Mandatory Precautionary Measures

October 2021           
      18  Pilot Tightened End-to- End Process to Bring in Migrant Workers from Myanmar
                                         14  Transition to New Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) Regime for Workers supporting
 Marine sector entering production sites & Updates to COVID-19 Healthcare
                                                    Protocols for
 Marine & Process Sectors
08  MOM Updated Stay-Home Notice Regime For Foreign Workers
07  EDB’S COVID Advisory Website For Marine & Offshore Engineering Companies Is
                                                   Now Live!

05  MOM Updates To Public Health Measures For Migrant Workers Living In Dormitories

September 2021            30  ASMI-ASPRI Joint Webinar - Bringing in Workers from Myanmar 

 15  EDB Advisory on Updated Heightened Precautionary Measures

08  [COVID-19] Collective Actions to Slow Down Community Transmissions

 Puchase Order for Panbio/Quickvue Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Kits

August 2021                   
25  Updated Measures for your Migrant Workers Residing in Dormitories from 24
                                                     August and Removal of Temperature and Symptom Screening Requirement at
                                                     Dormitories by Ministry of Manpower

23  EDB Updates to Marine & Offshore COVID-19 Safe Restart Criteria and Advisory on
                                                   the Vaccinate or Regular Testing (VoRT) Policy

04  EDB Updates on Mandatory Antigen Rapid Test for Non-Dormitory Personnel
                                                    Entering the Production Areas of Marine Shipyards


July 2021                   
    30  MPA's Latest Stepped-Up Safe Management Measures at Waterfront

23  Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) Updates on Heightened Mandatory                                                           Precautionary Measures

22  Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) Advisory: Updates on Reversion to                                                            Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

14  Reading Materials from ASMI-EDB Joint Webinar on Antigen Rapid Test (ART),
                                               an Increased Surveillance Testing at the Marine Worksites 

  [ASMI-ASPRI-SCAL Joint Media Release] Construction, Marine and Process
                                               Sectors Piloting Tightened Process to Bring In Workers to Complement

EDB Joint Webinar on Antigen Rapid Test (ART), an Increased Surveillance
                                               Testing at the Marine Worksites


June 2021                       
24  Marine & Offshore Sector Piloting Tightened process to Bring in Workers to
                                                Complement Workforce

May 2021                     
 31  Updates on Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) and Antigen Rapid Test (ART)

[Reminder] Increased Enforcement of Safe Management Measures at
                                              Workplaces in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) & Declaration of Manpower Details

Approval [Reminder] Updates to RRT Policy For Vaccinated Workers By EDB
Updated Workplace Safe Management Measures
Heightened Mandatory Precautionary Measures for Ship Repair Calls or
                                              Contact Ops in Shipyards/Process Terminials/Marine & Process Waterfront
                                              Facilities in Port of Singapore (With effect 7 May 2021) 

Approval Required for Ships Arriving from or Transiting through India Calling at
                                             Shipyards for Repairs and the Submission of Contactless Operations at
                                             Process Terminals Effective 1 May 2021 2359H


April 2021                     
 29   Approval Required for Ships Arriving from or Transiting through India Calling at
                                                   Shipyards for Repairs and the Submission of Contactless Operations at Process

23   Compliance to Safe Management Measures to Prevent COVID-19 Worksite                                                                   Transmission Circular

05   Distribution of TraceTogether Tokens for Migrant Workers

March 2021                    
31   Updated Advisory for the Marine & Offshore Sector

17   Webinar List of Overseas Clinic and Laboratoriess for Pre-Departure Testing for
                                                    Arriving Crew 
                                        10    Marine Vaccination Excercise List                     
                                        8     Webinar on Updated Safe Management Measures for Shipyards
February 2021                24   Updated Advisory for the Marine & Offshore Sector

Renaming of SafeEntry@Sea to SmartEntry@Sea + Compliance to 7-Day
                                                  RRT regime
                                        5      Additional Measures to Safeguard Health and Safety of Shore-Based Personnel in                                                      Maritime Sector         ________________________________________________________________________________________ 

 31     Extension of Issuance of BluePass 2.0 Devices at Self-Collection Points to 8                                                                 January 2021 

30     Updates on the Safe Management Measures for Workers on Employer-Provided                                                            Transportation Advisory
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