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ASMI is collaborating with the Ministry of Manpower on the Marine Manpower Connect Scheme, a six-month job matching programme for the marine and offshore industry. Click here to find out more about the scheme. 








August 2020


Employers to Ensure Workers Go Through Rostered Routine Testing
Visit the Ministry of Manpower website for more information.


Updates on Additional COVID-19 Support Measures for Businesses and Workers
Visit the Gov.sg website for more information.


Joint Advisory on Implementation of Staggered Rest Days For Work Permit and S Pass Holders in Marine Shipyard Sector and Webinar
Visit the Go Business COVID website for more information. 


Safety Messages to Everyone – Do Not Let Our Guard Down


Webinar on Transitionary Medical Support for Migrant Workers


Swab Testing for Non-marine Companies


Further Extension of Foreign Worker Levy Waiver and Rebate for Marine Shipyard Sector – Advisory, Press Release and News Articles
Visit the Ministry of Manpower website for more information.


July 2020


Reminder from Ministry of Manpower to Employers’ Obligations to pay
Foreign Workers’ Salaries


Rental Relief Law for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise tenants affected by COVID-19






June 2020


Government Updates on Support Measures and Sectoral Safe Restart Criteria and FAQs for the Marine and Offshore (M&O) Industry


Key Requirements for Safe Management Measures at Workplaces
Visit the Go Business COVID website for more information. 


Indicative Timeline for Clearance of Dormitories and Overview of Testing at Dormitories


Download of TraceTogether and Implementation of SafeEntry with CMP checks


MOM’s note to employers on the clearance of dormitories for work and the Accesscode Feature on SGWorkPass


Updates on SGWorkPass app and TraceTogether app & Webinar on use of SafeEntry app
Visit the Ministry of Manpower website for more information.


Additional Requirements and FAQs for Swab Test Registration for Shipyards



May 2020


Joint Press Statement with SMF and ASPRI on Migrant Workers



MOF’s Fortitude Budget Booklet and Infographics
Visit Gov.sg website for more information.


6 Easy Steps for Safe Management at Workplaces


MTI’s Advisory on Gradual Resumption of Business Activities in Phases Starting From 2 June 2020







April 2020


Further Measures To Help Companies During Extended Circuit Breaker

Visit Ministry of Manpower website for more information.


Latest Government Press Releases (by MTI and MOF) In Fight Against COVID-19


Extension of Job Support Scheme, Foreign Worker Levy and Rebate and Payment of Salary for Foreign Workers


EDB’s Advisory to Safeguard Against Work-related Transmission Risks: Ship Repair, Maintenance and Overhaul Services for Marine & Offshore Engineering Companies


MOM’s Reminder and Advisory on Foreign Workers Matters During Circuit Breaker Period


FAQs on COVID-19




Government’s Solidarity Budget

Guidelines on Suspension of Workplace Activities to Reduce COVID-19 for Businesses

Updated Infectious Diseases Act and Advisory on COVID-19 for Businesses 

March 2020


Advisory on COVID-19 for Businesses


February 2020



Budget 2020 for Businesses
Visit Singapore Budget 2020 website for more information.

Advisory to Employers on Foreign Workers
Visit the Ministry of Manpower website for the latest advisories and update your workers on the current COVID-19 situation to reassure them. 




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