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ASMI is collaborating with the Ministry of Manpower on the Marine Manpower Connect Scheme, a six-month job matching programme for the marine and offshore industry. Click here to find out more about the scheme. 





1.    Introduction

1.1    The ASMI Marine Manpower Connect Scheme (MMCS) is a temporary job matching assistance programme to help companies in the Marine Sector better manage their foreign manpower requirements in view of extensive border and travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 situation. The MMCS was launched on 1 August 2020.


1.2   This scheme allows companies in the marine sector to hire existing foreign workers (FWs) who are already in Singapore, with the agreement of their current employers. These include:

a) FWs whose passes have expired or been cancelled as their original employers are not continuing with their employment; and

b) FWs with live passes and allowed to change employer under current Change of Employer (COE) rules.


1.3   The MMCS allows marine companies with immediate and ongoing projects to acquire more manpower to meet any existing manpower shortages and marine FWs with work permit terminated to continue working in Singapore without having to be repatriated to their home country during this COVID-19 period.

2.     ASMI’s Roles

2.1      ASMI’s role is to provide job matching for companies in the marine sector. In this respect, ASMI will assist:

a) Employers who are seeking to transfer the employment of their existing FWs to other employers who are hiring (“Transfer Employers”); and

b)  Employers who have projects and are looking to hire FWs (“Hiring Employers”).

3.     Job Matching Process

3.1   Companies wishing to hire these FWs should submit a “Request to Hire” form to ASMI. Upon receipt of the form, ASMI will screen the databank of available FWs (prospective employees) furnished by MOM and identify a shortlist of candidates to match their requests.


3.2  ASMI will arrange interviews for both parties to discuss the terms of employment prior to recruitment. The employment terms must be mutually agreed between the FW (prospective employee) and the Hiring Employer.


3.3   Upon successful match, the Hiring Employer will have to sign a “Worker Transfer Agreement” (WTA). With the WTA, ASMI will reserve the selected FWs for the Hiring Employer.


3.4   Thereafter, the Hiring Employer is required to submit a work permit application to MOM (Work Permit Online) at his/her own expense, within 3 working days of the signing of the WTA.


3.5  This job matching assistance is subject to mutual agreement between the Hiring Employer and the prospective employee.


3.6  This scheme is applicable only for the transfer of Work Permit holders from non-traditional sources in the marine sector and does not cover S Pass holders.


3.7   All work permit applications are subject to approval by MOM and must meet existing work  permit requirements in place for marine shipyard sector.


3.8  Once work permit applications are approved by MOM, the Hiring Employer must proceed with hiring the prospective employee according to the mutual agreement reached between them.


3.9  The Hiring Employer must take over and make the necessary accommodation arrangements for the FW hired once the work permit is issued.

4.         Enquiries


4.1 For enquiries, please contact Cynthia or Lydia at Tel: 62646436 or email to [email protected] or [email protected].

 Click here to download the MMCS Request to Hire Application Form.





Q1      Can we apply to hire workers through the Marine Manpower Connect Scheme (MMCS) while we wait for new project?

A1       No, you can only submit “Request-to Hire” application under the MMCS if you have on-going projects.  



Q2      Do we need to obtain ‘Prior Approval’ from MOM before we submit the “Request-to Hire” application to ASMI?

A2      Yes, non-sponsoring shipyards and common contractors will need to have a valid ‘Prior Approval’ from MOM before ASMI can accept your application.



Q3     Can ASMI send us the list of available workers for our preview before we apply for Prior Approval?

A3      No, ASMI is unable to furnish the list of available workers to any company for preview before you apply for Prior Approval’. ASMI is not operating the MMCS like an employment agency.



Q4      If I am keen on hiring the worker, when can I submit the application for work permit?

A4       After you have signed the ‘Worker Transfer Agreement’ for the selected worker, you can proceed to submit the application for work permit to MOM via WPOL. This should be done within 3 working days after signing and submitting the Agreement to ASMI.


Q5      What is the processing time for work permit application under this Scheme?

A5      The processing time for work permit application by MOM is 1 week. Some cases may require more time.



Q6      After successful job match, do I need to buy security bond and send the foreign employee for medical check?

A6      Yes, you will need to buy a security bond for NTS and PRC workers (non-Malaysian worker). The ‘In-principle Approval Letter ‘(IPA) will indicate whether your worker needs to do a medical examination.


Q7      Can I house the transferred workers in my company’s accommodation?

A7      Once work permits are issued for the transferred workers, you can house them in your company’s accommodation. However, you should have a mutual agreement with the previous employer on the worker’s housing arrangement to ensure a smooth transition.


Q8      On approval of work permit, when will I be able to take over the worker?

A8       You will be able to take over the worker once his Work Permit is issued. The work permit must be issued before the worker can start work. This must be done while the in-principle approval letter is valid.




Q1      Do I need to extend the Special Pass of my foreign employee who is waiting for the job match?

A1      Yes, you will have to extend your employee’s’ Special Pass while he is waiting for the job match.

You can do the extension online by using WP Online > click Special Pass/Short Work Permit Extension or email your request to [email protected].



Q2      Am I still liable for my foreign employee’s stay in Singapore while waiting for the job match?

A2      Yes, you are still responsible for your worker’s upkeep and maintenance until he is transferred to another employer. Or he leaves Singapore. You have to ensure that he has a valid stay in Singapore and continues to provide him with acceptable accommodation, adequate food and medical treatment.


Q3      How long do I have to keep my foreign employee for transfer/re-employment prospects before repatriating him?

A3      You should allow your foreign employee to stay in Singapore for three weeks to give him time to be matched with prospective employers.


Q4      If my employee found a new employer through the ASMI Marine Manpower Connect Scheme, when will his current work permit be cancelled?

A4      Your employee’s current work permit will be cancelled automatically once a new work permit is issued to the new employer by MOM.



Q5      What should I do if there is no successful job match for my foreign employee whom I want to release?

A5      If there is no successful match for your employee, you will have to cancel his work permit and repatriate him to his home country. Prior to sending him home, you are required to settle all outstanding employment issues including salary payment with him.

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