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The Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for the Marine & Offshore Industry was launched in October 2017 by Workforce Singapore (WSG) to help mid-career Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) undergo skills conversion and move into new job roles in the industry. At the same time, it also supports industry members’ efforts to train and reskills employees to meet competencies required for occupations in their respective companies.

ASMI, as the industry body for the marine & offshore industry, was appointed by WSG to be the Programme Manager for the Marine PCP. WSG supports PCP by providing course fee grant and salary support grant for each PMET placed in the programme. 

The Marine PCP is targeted at Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents in technical and engineering positions. It is available for redeployment of existing employees for new job roles, the recruitment and placement of newly-hired employees from non-marine & offshore sector or with different skills, occupations or job experience.

Under the Marine PCP, the PMET would have to be hired by a PCP participating employer who would identify the training needs for the PMET and place him/her on a customised training programme. The PCP trainees will have to attend facilitated training courses conducted in-house and/or by external training providers as well as undergo structured on-the-job training over a six month period. They are required to complete a total training duration of 1,038 hours.

WSG funds up to 70% of the course fee, capped at $14 per hour for external training course or at $15 per hour for in-house facilitated classroom-based training programmes. It also funds between 70% to 90% of the PMET’s monthly salary, subject to a cap, and for up to six months. 

As the Programme Manager for PCP, ASMI administers and issues letters of offers for PCP grant. ASMI also evaluates the applicant company’s training proposals for the PCP employees, assess the suitability of the trainee for PCP; verify the company’s claim for grant, submit the claims for grants, and disburse the grants received.

Since it was appointed in October 2017 till April this year, As at end 2019, ASMI had approved 71 PCP applications from 24 companies to reskill some 493 employees.

Employers interested in participating in the Marine PCP can contact ASMI via email admin@asmi.com for more information. 


For more information on the marine PCP, please visit the mycareersfuture.sg website to apply for the programme

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