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ASMI is collaborating with the Ministry of Manpower on the Marine Manpower Connect Scheme, a six-month job matching programme for the marine and offshore industry. Click here to find out more about the scheme. 






1.1          WSH Manual for Marine Industries
          (joint publication by ASMI, WSH Council and MOM)

The Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) and Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council collaborated in the review of the ASMI's Safety, Health and Environmental Management Manual. This manual which served as guidelines for the preparation of a company's safety, health and environmental management system was first released by ASMI in 1999.

A review of the Manual was initiated in 2008 and the revised Marine Industries Workplace Safety and Health Manual is ready for use as a guide for the marine industry.

The Manual highlights the important aspects of safety, health and environmental protection to assist companies in planning, implementing and auditing management systems in order to satisfy company, legal and social obligations, and to assist companies to put in place safe work practices and management systems to enhance their safety performance.

To obtain a copy of this Manual, please click here to download the Marine Industries Workplace Safety and Health Manual. 

1.2     WSH Case Studies Booklet

The Workplace Safety and Health (Marine Industries) Committee has compiled a Case Studies Booklet on accident cases in the marine industry. The Booklet contains a compilation of 15 accident cases. The underlying causes of these accidents have been carefully examined through root-cause analysis.

Members may find this Booklet useful for use in training of workers or in toolbox meetings. This Case Studies Booklet is available for download


Below are some relevant WSH Resources (such as Case Studies, Checklists, WSH Guides/Guidelines, Handbooks/Safety Kits, Codes of Practices and Technical Advisories) produced by WSH Council.

Please visit to WSH Council’s Publications website to download the various publications.

1.1.      Case Studies for Marine Industry

2.         CHECKLISTS
2.1.      Safe Handling of Load Checklist
2.2.      Slips, Trips and Falls Checklist
2.3.      Handling Sharp Objects Safely Checklist
2.4.      Safe Electrical Maintenance Work Checklist
2.5.      Safe Loading of Materials Checklist
2.6.      Safe Use of Forklift Trucks Checklist
2.7.      Working Safely at Heights Checklist
2.8.      Risk Assessment and Control Measures (Office) Checklist
2.9.      Working Safely with Non-Powered Hand Tools Checklist
2.10.   Working Safely with Machines Checklist
2.11.   Safe Storage of Chemicals Checklist
2.12.   Time-out Checklist
2.13.   WAH – Self-Assessment Toolkit Checklist
2.14.   WAH – Compliance Assistance Checklist
2.15.   Flammable Hazardous Substances – Compliance Assistance Checklist

3.1.      Work at Heights Supervisor’s Guidebook for the Marine Industries
3.2.      Guide to WSH Obligations for Shipmasters and Contractors for Anchorage Works
3.3.      Guide to WSH for Service Providers on Safe Working on Ships at Anchorages
3.4.      WSH Guidelines on Anchorage, Lifelines and Temporary Edge Protection Systems
3.5.      WSH Guidelines on Flammable Materials
3.6.      Guide to Total Workplace Safety and Health
3.7.      WSH Guidelines on Improving Ergonomics in the Workplace
3.8.      WSH Guidelines on Fatigue Management
3.9.      WSH Guidelines on Workplace Traffic Safety Management
3.10.   WSH Guidelines on Personal Protective Equipment for Work at Heights
3.11.   WSH Guidelines on Safe Operation for Forklifts
3.12.   WSH Guidelines for Safeguarding against Falling Objects
3.13.   Guidance on Workplace Safety and Health Reporting
3.14.   WSH Guidelines on Managing Heat Stress at the Workplace
3.15.   Directors’ Guide

4.1.      Lorry Crane Operator Handbook
4.2.      Forklift Safety Pack
4.3.      Safe Lifting Operation Kit
4.4.      Workplace Health Kit
4.5.      Work at Heights Worker’s Safety Handbook for the Marine Industries
4.6.      Work at Heights Kit
4.7.      Confined Space Kit

5.1.      Code of Practice on WSH Risk Management
5.2.      Code of Practice for Working Safely at Heights (Second Revision, 2013)

6.1.      Technical Advisory for Inland/Inshore Commercial Diving Safety & Health
6.2.      Technical Advisory for Flammable Hazardous Substances
6.3.      Technical Advisory on Working Safely in Confined Spaces

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