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ASMI is collaborating with the Ministry of Manpower on the Marine Manpower Connect Scheme, a six-month job matching programme for the marine and offshore industry. Click here to find out more about the scheme. 





Registration Procedures

1.       Application for test must be made using the prescribed ITE Application Forms. This can be obtained from the ITE or ASMI.


2.       Application must be submitted to ASMI with the relevant supporting documents and full payment of test fee.


3.       Application must be supported by the candidate’s company. Personal/individual registration will only be accepted if accompanied with a letter of certification from the company.


4.       Each application must be accompanied by the following:


a)       Covering Letter

-    on company’s letterhead stating the trade test, number of   candidates, mode and amount of payment, and preferred test centre

    (Sample format is available from ASMI).


b)       Letter of Certification by Company

-  on company’s letterhead stating that the candidate:

·       is an employee of the company,

·       holds a valid Work Permit (for foreign candidate only),

·       has at least 2 consecutive years of relevant working experience, (3 or 5 years for ITE SETC Level 2)

·       a brief description of the nature of his work.

   (Sample format is available from ASMI).


c)       Copy of Candidate’s Identity Card (for local candidate) or

        Work Permit (for foreign candidate)

-    candidate’s photo and particulars on the identity card or

    work permit must be clear.


d)       Test Fee in cash or cheque made payable to ‘Association of Singapore Marine Industries’.


e)       Copy of Candidate’s NTC-3 Practical Test Statement of Results/Certificate or SET Level 1/ITE SETC Level 1 Statement of Results (for ITE SETC Level 2 test application only).


5.       Application Form must be signed by the candidate himself.


6.       Block or multiple applications are acceptable. Companies submitting multiple/block applications should attach only one covering letter and the full payment for all applications submitted. However, there should be one letter of certification for each candidate.


7.       Incomplete application or application not accompanied with the relevant payment will be rejected. 


8.       Contractors who are affiliated to ASMI member shipyards may indicate their preferred test centre for testing. However, the actual test venue will be decided by ASMI.


9.       ASMI will notify the company via telefax on the scheduled test date and venue for their candidates.


10.    Application will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Priority will be given to ASMI members.


Test Results


1.       Results of tests taken in a particular month will be released by the ITE through ASMI in 2 months' time.


2.       ASMI will notify companies to collect the test results upon receipt of the Statements of Results from the ITE.


3.       All Statements of Results must be collected in person from ASMI’s office. A Letter of Authorisation must be produced at the time of collection. ASMI will NOT mail out any Statement of Results to the candidate or company.


4.       No replacement of the Statement of Results will be issued by the ITE.


5.       A company whose foreign worker has passed the relevant test must submit a copy of the Statement of Results to the Ministry of Manpower’s Work Permit Department to apply for conversion of the worker’s Work Permit status to lower levy.


6.       All Statements of Results not collected within 3 years from the date of test will be destroyed.


7.   A candidate may apply for a review of his test results. An appeal must be made in writing to ASMI, together with the fee payable within two weeks from the date of release of the test results.


Instructions To Candidates


1.       Test will start from 8.30am. All candidates are to report to the Test Centre at least 30 minutes before the time of commencement of the specific test. 


2.       Candidates who are late for more than 30 minutes will not be allowed to sit for the test.


3.       All candidates are required to bring along the following documents to the Test Centre on the day of the test for identification purpose and entry to Test Centre:


a)      Copy of the Test Notification from ASMI

·       for gate entry and security clearance at the Test Centre.


b)      Original Work Permit (for foreign worker) or Identity Card (for local worker)

·       for gate entry and security clearance at the Test Centre.

·       for verification of candidate’s identity by the Invigilator.


4.       All candidates reporting for the test must be neat and appropriately attired throughout the test. This includes buttoning up their overalls.


5.       All candidates must be equipped with their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which are as follows:

·       Safety helmet with chin strap

·       Safety shoes

·       Safety gloves


6.       Candidates must also be equipped with other relevant PPEs and the tools required for their specific trades.

For examples:

i      ITE SETC Level 1 General Welding/ITE SETC Level 2 Welding

 - hand shield and goggles.

i      Metal Scaffolding*

- ratchet spanner/spike, wire cutter, measuring tape,

  hammer, chisel, plumb line, spirit level, pipe cutter.

*Candidates are required to bring along an Assistant each. The

 Assistant must NOT be a Scaffold Supervisor or Scaffold Trainer.


7.       Candidates applying for ITE SETC Level 2 Welding must have experience in using the CO2 welding machine.


8.       Any candidate who fails to comply with safety requirements will not be allowed to sit for the test.


Replacement and Absence from Test


1.       No change or replacement of candidate is allowed once the test schedule has been confirmed.


2.       No refund will be given for any candidate who has been confirmed for a test

but subsequently informs ASMI that he is unable to turn up for the test.


3.       No refund will be given for ‘No Show’, that is, a candidate who is absent on the day of the test.


4.       A candidate who is absent from the test due to medical reasons can apply to be rescheduled to sit for the test on another date provided he has

documentary evidence such as medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.




1.       Withdrawal of ITE SETC applications already registered with ASMI must be made in writing to ASMI. The company must state the name of candidate, test registered for and reason for withdrawal in the letter.


2.       Upon approval, ASMI will refund the test fee after deducting the administrative fee.


3.       No change or submission of a fresh application will be accepted to replace a withdrawn case. All new applications will be subjected to full payment of test fee and will be placed on the queue.



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